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Professional Dental Cleaning

Is it time for your annual dental cleaning? We got you covered! We have two exquisite hygienists that will provide you quality care with ease. A dental cleaning at Barton & Shaw Periodontics is quick, easy, and refreshing. Here’s what to expect:


One of our hygienist will kindly seat you in a dental room and drape a dental bib over your chest. She’ll examine your bite, tongue, gums and cheeks for any abnormalities. Then, she’ll start your cleaning.


Your hygienist will use a tooth scaler to scrape away any tartar and plaque on  and in-between your teeth. This is the longest part of the appointment. She’ll spray water on your teeth to remove loose tartar and plaque, and suction it up with a saliva ejector. 


Next, your teeth will be essentially “polished” with a dental instrument called a prophy cup and dental polishing paste (comes in a variety of flavors like cherry, pina colada, and mint). This goes fairly quick and is painless. Once all your teeth have received this treatment, your hygienist again will spray water over your teeth to rinse away the polish and suction it out with the saliva ejector.


Lastly, your hygienist will floss in-between your teeth and call the dentist in for further review.


Scheduling a professional dental cleaning at a predetermined interval is important to your oral and overall health. It’ll help you stay away from more extensive dental work and free of periodontal disease. Call today to make an appointment at 414-259-0660.


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