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Patty is a seasoned dental hygienist. Graduating from Ferris State University in 1989, she began practicing clinically in the state of Michigan, as well as Kentucky, and now Wisconsin. In 2013, she returned to school at Minnesota State University-Mankato to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in dental hygiene for teaching purposes while working and raising her family.


She truly appreciates the opportunity to work with patients at Barton & Shaw Periodontics in helping them retain their teeth for long-term health. To help them better understand the impact of oral health on systematic health is of high importance to her, and delivery of high-quality care is paramount to that. 


She works as a clinical instructor at Waukesha County Technical College, helping young and upcoming clinicians develop strong clinical skills and deep knowledge of comprehensive periodontal treatment skills.


Patty is married with four children and has a dog, a cat, and a fish. She loves the outdoors including sailing, hiking, gardening, as well as reading veraciously, but her heart lives in Door County.

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