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All-on-4 Dental Implants

The procedure of all-on-four dental implants is more extensive than single tooth dental implants or multiple tooth dental implants. Since all of your teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw will be replaced, facial anatomy comes into play. And with that, panoramic X-rays and CT scans are often warranted.


This first step helps your dentist depict where the implants must go in addition to sizing your implant-supported bridge. Furthermore, it’ll help determine whether or not a ridge augmentation is necessary.


During this oral surgery, you’ll only receive a minimum of four dental implants per jaw ridge. Each will be placed strategically along your jaw ridge - two in the back and two in the front - to effectively secure your prosthesis. It’ll take about an hour or two to insert four implants. Once the dental implant procedure is done, a temporary bridge or permanent bridge can be attached. Either way, you’ll be leaving the office with a new confident smile.


Please Note: With this procedure, all remaining teeth on the jaw ridge that’s receiving an all-on-four dental implant prosthesis will have to be extracted.


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