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Bone Regeneration

Bone regeneration is much like guided tissue regeneration except it doesn’t involve the separation of soft tissue from the bone. It only consists of regrowing bone. Here’s how it’s done:


The problem area will be numbed using local anesthetic. Next, your dentist will make incisions around your teeth and down your gums to create a flap. The flap will be pulled down to expose the defective area where your dentist will perform a quick scaling and root planing to rid the root surfaces of plaque and calculus and remove infected tissue from any bone defect. This clears the way for placing a bone graft.


A bone graft is prepared with human (cadaver), animal (bovine), or synthetic bone material that’s moistened with anesthetic or saline solution. It’s then packed gently into the bone defect.  


Once the problem areas are filled with bone grafting material, the gum flaps are sutured back together and the area is rinsed with saline solution. 


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